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Alle Einträge

What do I learn with Feldenkrais?

The Feldenkrais Method trains your attention and thus self-awareness and self-confidence.

And what’s the point?

You learn to organise your body in a better way. What literally means: you simply let go of all these unnecessary muscular efforts, which are not really necessary or often even restrict movement and (might) lead to pain. That will not happen overnight, as in most cases we have being doing it already for a long time, are not aware of it und our body has gotten used to it.

But with time you become more and more aware of all the unnecessary efforts you continuously produce and step-by-step you let go of them.

In parallel the body is shown new or alternative possibilities through specially designed movement sequences. This is, because it is not possible to take something away without offering alternatives.

This leads, next to an improved self-perception and self-assessment, to an extended range of motion.

Movements, that were not possible, are feasible again.
Movements, that have caused pain, are free of pain.
Movements, that can achieve a better result by a more precise execution, are more accurate.

In short, more joy in movement and hence certainly more joy in life!