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How to benefit from ATM’s

What is the profit from Feldenkrais group lessons (Awareness Through Movement lessons, in short: ATM’s)?

ATMs are likewise suited for people that recover from injuries, illness or accidents, that improve athletic or artistic performance, prevent injuries and want to improve the quality of everyday movements.

Movement outside of the familiar

Each ATM lesson consists of a series of movements that are composed in a way such that they lead to a new sensory evaluation and an understanding of your own movement possibilities.

The main obstacles to easy and efficient movements are the habitual, unconscious aspects of our movement. The things we do without even realizing it.

The lessons lead to a new awareness and this way you learn to move outside of self-limiting patterns.

Here are some tips on how to draw the most benefit from an ATM lesson:

– Try to get here 15-10 minutes before the course starts in order to arrive calmly.

– Give yourself enough time to repeat every move according to your own leisure and need.

– Take yourself plenty of time for breaks.

– Take breaks when you need them, not only when they are announced.

– Work in a smooth and quiet way.

– Try to execute the movements in such a way that you could continue endlessly.

– If you are in pain, work in your imagination.

– Watch out for a quiet and regular breathing.

– Practice the movements only to the point where they can be done easily and feel good.

– Do each movement slowly, gently, without effort, pressure, or strain.

– Stop any movement before it can cause any pain.