Alle Einträge

Alle Einträge

Without failing no learning.

Or: a learner can‘t fail.

In Europe and Asia failure is considered to be a disappointment and is embarrassing. This is deeply rooted in our culture and thus, unfortunately, in our learning system.

The Feldenkrais Method encourages to try the unusual, to approach playfully and to transcend in this way the boundaries of convention. The body learns variations of the known and new movement patterns can emerge. Perhaps they are unfamiliar and feel ‘funny’, but in the long run they are not causing any pain or enable movements again that were not possible anymore.

Trying is not only allowed but encouraged.

Within companies as well the value of errors and the resulting potential for learning is increasingly discussed and recognized. Only an environment that allows for errors, will produce innovation. An “error-culture” can only form in an environment where mistakes are not judged but where they are welcome within a safe setting.

For those who further want to explore this issue, we recommend the reading of the “Failure Issues” of the Harvard Business Review, published in April 2011.