Alle Einträge

Alle Einträge

Power of Change

Rather carry on as before, or change something?

Everyone has already asked this question.

We love our habits and yet so much potential lies in the deviation from them.

Going through the city in which you live being consciously aware of the facades of the houses, one is overwhelmed by the beauty and details discovered. Things that one simply walked past for years.

It is similar with movements. We move the way we move.

If you are not a dancer or an athlete who depends on the execution, precision and variety of the range of his movements, you will most likely not think about it until you experience pain or cannot move as easily as you were used to.

The Feldenkrais Method helps to become aware of movement pattern and explore new ones. It guides the attention and thus trains it. This increases the range of motion, it helps to replace painful movements with alternatives, and generally feel more ease again.

Even though we do not always know where things are headed, we should not stop to see a possibility in every change.