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The Power of Sleep

The ability to sleep anytime and anywhere is not given to everyone. According to surveys a big percentage of society doesn’t get enough sleep or suffers from short sleep.

The consequences are manifold and extensive.

For example do poeple who don’t get enough sleep have 7 times more the feeling of beeing helpless and 5 times more of feeling lonesome compared to those who get enough sleep. This shows, that the ability to cope with more complex and demanding situations decreases.

Ongoing lack of sleep leads to stress, which is an essential factor for heart-deseases, diabetes and overweight. And finally: not getting enough sleep can result in depression and burn-out.

Brief: Sleep is essential to preserve our mental capacity and our ability to establish and live relationships.

What can we do to sleep more and better?

Of course it helps, to go to bed in time. That sounds much easier than it is. Because there is always something else that you have to do and suddenly it’s midnight again. The best is to set a fixed time for your „going-to-bed-date“.

Actually at least 7 hours of nightsleep are recommended. Every hour you sleep more is even better. And the good thing: there isn’t such a thing as too much sleep.

These tips help, to get prepared for your sleeping-date:
– shade the sleeping-room
– dim the light in the evening or use candle light
– listen to relaxing music
– something relaxing to read – but not from a screen ->
– no screens (they prevent the production of melatonine, our sleeping hormone)
– eliminate mobile devices from your sleeping room
– no alcohol or food right before going to bed

But not only the nightsleep is good for us. Short naps during the day help our brain to
– function better
– come up with better ideas
– come up with solutions faster
– recognize patterns faster
– have better memory of information

And how can the Feldenkrais-Method assist with sleeping problems?

The Feldenkrais Method trains our awareness and mindfulness. We learn to treat ourselves more consciously. For example by paying attention at our breathing and at the way we move and which muscles we (often unnecessarily) tense. This way we learn to relax and let go, which is an essential requirement to jump into the world of dreams.

Bonne nuit!


Studies and tips from: Arianna Huffington “Thrive”