Alle Einträge

Alle Einträge

Sharpen your pencils!

Last weekend the Big Draw Festival took place in Graz. Main goal is the pleasure of drawing. Instead of using pictures the Kleine Zeitung asked a group of illustrators to illustrate all the pictures needed in the saturday-issue.

Gerald Hartwig, one of the main players of the Big Draw Festivals was – after the illustrating-marathon for the regional newspaper – to take a day off from illustrating and watched the visitors. He was fascinated about what he saw: grown-ups who – for the first time since their childhood – sat down to draw and who were surprised of how good that felt.

Absorbed by color, paper and forms you can forget yourself and everything around you for one or two hours and then look up with fresh eyes.

Using our hands brings us back to ourselves. It helps us to understand, sense and touch.

Also like writing with your hand, which is known to activate more areas in our brain like typing. And it’s proofed that handwritten content is memorized much easier than typed one.

Writing actives a lot of areas in our brain at the same time. The cognitive development of children encourages brain areas like imagination, creativity, spelling and memory. Of course not only for children.

We can fill our writing with feelings and this is how our writing is wired into our personality and becomes a personal meaning.

Drawing and writing can be ruminant. They can help us to relax, calm down and probably to sense us a bit more.

In this sense we wish you a lot of fun with drawing and writing!

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Illustrations of Gerald Hartwig: