Alle Einträge

Alle Einträge

Quiet Time

What brings the ‘quiet time”? Silence or holiday-stress? And how much of all that are we aware of?

While some of us are hurrying from one holiday-appointment to the next, others use the end of the year, to calm down.

To use the time to ask yourself questions, to become aware of your own life and action.

Essential questions dig deep. They really go to the essentials of things and our being.
For example: how do I do in my life? Is it fulfilling? Am I doing well? Do I feel good? Am I satisfied? What is it I am thankful for?

Even when these questions sound so easy, it’s not that easy to answer them properly. But it’s worth a try. And with time and some practice, this exercise becomes easier and easier.

Questions, as well as good conversations, help us to put some light on the blind spots of our life. To take a close look and challenge ourselves.

Because: only when we know what we do, wen can change our doing.

In this sense we wish our friends, partners and clients relaxing holidays, silence, thankfulness and the possibility of silence, closeness and inspiring conversations.